What Are Your Resolutions for 2018?

It's that time for resolutions again. How many of us list eat less, exercise more, or lose weight every year? I know I do, but it never seems to happen. Maybe it's time to rethink the list.

How about :

  • Take more photos
  • Learn all the functions on my camera
  • Enter the Photography Weekly Themed Challenge on Facebook every week (even better, enter with a new photo!)
  • Start a Photo-a-Day or Photo-a-Week project
  • Choose a theme or type of photography and master it
  • For camera club members
    • Go on as many field trips as possible
    • Participate in exhibitions
    • Enter competitions
    • Talk to someone at a meeting that you do not know

There are many possibilities that are so much more fun than losing weight (although that one remains on my list)! What's on your list?