The Road Not Taken.. Made All The Difference


I went to Arts Fest for the first time this year, arriving at 10:30 on Sunday morning. That was a good time to go. The crowd was small and it was cool, especially in the shade. One of the booths that caught my attention had photographs of abandoned places. I asked the photographer how he found the places he shots. His reply was that he simply drives around on the back roads of Missouri, stopping when he sees an interesting structure, farm, building, or landscape.

A couple of weeks ago Suzanne Walker and I went to the Lead Mine area to scout out a possible field trip location. We drove around on the back roads (and gravel roads) looking for anything interesting. We didn’t find much, but did get a few shots worth processing. Overall it was a fun day, with good conversation, a good lunch, and some photography.

As far as finding some great places to shoot, that will be left for another day. A Google search for old barns in Missouri resulted in four counties as a possibility: Pemiscot (in the bootheel), Audrain (northeast of Columbia), Saline (northwest of Columbia), and Buchanan (north of Kansas City). Any of these would be a lot of driving with no guarantee of anything photo-worthy. If anyone knows of some good locations, let us know!