Taking Some Time to Reflect

The holiday season is here, whether we are ready or not! Between working, shopping, and decorating, I have also taken some time to think about next year. I’ve come up with a few goals:

  •  Take more photos! There were months this year that I did not take one photo.

  • Be more deliberate about what I shoot. Look for the best angle. Think about camera settings. Wait for the best lighting. Too often I download my photos and wish I had a different depth of field, had gotten lower or higher, had taken a few steps in one direction or the other.

  • Experiment with new techniques, including panning and tracking a moving subject.

But why wait for the new year? Over Thanksgiving weekend, I watched several videos about processing. One talked about focus stacking in Photoshop. I decided to see how that would work. I set up a Christmas ornament and took 14 photos focusing on different areas of the ornament. Photoshop automatically aligned all the photos, creating one image with everything in focus. The result:


The number of photos needed will vary, depending on the subject and depth of field. I did not process any of the photos before the merge but imported it into Lightroom after the merge to process as usual.


Next time I would be more deliberate about where I focused. I started with the point closest to the lens to make sure I wasn’t too close, then jumped around until I thought I had covered every area. It’s easy, fun, and gives good results. I’m glad I gave it a try and will definitely use the technique again!


Happy shooting!